About Us


In an industry that was still at a nascent stage, Manish Datt’s passion has brought his Retail brand to heights unseen by any boutique cigar lounge in the country.

Manish Datt, a pilot by qualification, was introduced to the world of cigars by chance. In 1999 while he was in the US to get his professional degree he happened to walk into a Cigar store. Manish would spend few hours a day at the store to understand the different cigar brands/types and the etiquettes of cigar smoking.

He came back to India in the year 2000 and soon opened his own and the country's first Cigar lounge by the name of Kastro's. Starting from the Cubans, Davidoff cigars slowly found its way on the shelves followed by Arturo Fuente. Rocky Patel, Padron, Ashton and Olivia. Seeing the trend, Manish introduced the Cigar Lounge concept for weddings and corporate events and now no party is complete without a good cigar to accompany the best of malts and wines.

Manish has personally trained over 1000 Food & Beverage personnel across the country and across Hotel chains on Cigar etiquettes and serving. Till date Manish gives Personal attention to each client with cigar selection and educates the Indian cigar market about the world of fine cigars and also the pleasures of smoking one.