Founded in 2000 Kastros - House of Cigars is one of India’s leading merchants for Premium Cigars - be it Cubans or New World Cigars.

Our store is located in the heart of New Delhi where we also sell Fresh Roast & Ground Coffee to accompany your smoke. Our aim is to provide the best that comes out of the Cigar World and can be smoked. Cigar smokers are an eclectic mix, and no more so than the happy souls you will find puffing their favourite smokes in our Lutyen Delhi shop. Kastro’s proprietor, Manish Datt, provides an atmosphere that is relaxed, informed and open to anyone who wants to indulge a taste for real tobacco. We also stock all those useful accessories to look after your precious smokes including humidors, cigar cutters and lighters. They also make great gifts and when you want to restore the scent of summer (or winter) to your home we have a comprehensive range of Soy candles especially selected for the cigar smoker...
We are happy to give guidance whether you are a new convert, a well-established aficionado or are searching for that special gift. 

A more recent addition to our shop stock is our Arabica Coffee - Whole Beans, Espresso or Drip filter. The beans are freshly ground at the store to give a great cup of Coffee everytime.


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